Sunday, 6 March 2011

Say 'Happy Birthday' with Hawes

Ah, that title is so much more fun when you read it out loud. I can't tell you how many jokes the phrase "I'm taking Mathew to Hawes for his birthday", produced in our office. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Planning a surprise weekend away for the Guest-atron required more of my crafty reserves than I would have thought. I had to convince him we were just going for a fancy lunch at the Wensleydale Heifer in the Yorkshire Dales and that's why he needed a waterproof, spare clothes, a newspaper, a book, his iPod, walking boots, etc., etc. I then had the tricky job of trying to get all his weekend gear in the car without him noticing. Brilliance struck: "Mathew, could you do me a huge favour and please hoover the lounge before we go..?" Genius!!! It was win, win! I get a tidy lounge, Mathew gets a weekend away! So whilst he was hoovering away, I ran out into the driving wind and rain and packed all his stuff in the boot. I then realised there were things he'd want to take with him 'for lunch' (the things I'd told him to pack - dammit!), so back out the door I flew; I rummaged through his bag, pulled out the essentials, ran back into the house, packed them into a different bag and then rushed him out of the house with his back of necessities. Phew! 

And off we went. The Guest-atron + Banana + Hawes (teehee!) = happy.

His eyes are saying "stay away from my lobster!"
Mmm, seafood!!!
So, the weather was a little wet. That's actually supposed to be a field...
Mathew thought about taking a nakey swim (like Robin Hood) but thought better of it.
Being stared at by this many sheep was fairly disconcerting...
Playing peekaboo.
Mathew preaching to his followers.
What a weekend! Three days of yummy breakfasts at the Thorney Mire Barn, a trip to the Wensleydale Creamery (mmm, cheeeeeeeese!), lovely walks in the rain, watching all three Back to the Future movies, wine, more cheese, seafood, real ale at the Green Dragon, listening to the thunderous Hardraw Force waterfall, and Sunday lunch in an old Pullman carriage at The Black Bull. Utter perfection.

Happy 36th Birthday Dr Guest!!!

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