Thursday, 24 March 2011

Iron, Wine and the Milky Bar Kid

I almost bought Mathew tickets to see Iron and Wine at The Sage but I thought taking him to Hawes (teehee! I'm still loving the pun!) would be much more birthday-esque. As chance would have it, he stumbled across the gig (before his birthday too! Phew! It was a lucky 'you almost ruined your birthday present' escape!) and bought us both tickets.  We started the evening with a yummy dinner at Sixthree courses of scrummy food, stunning views and a delicious vodka martini (mmm, martini...). Then, off we went to The Sage to meet Tom and Jess (aka, Tiger Pig and Piglet). Our rendezvous point was the 'milky bar' lookalike kid:

The rendezvous point.

If you look really closely, and wish really hard you'll see Tom and Jess.

Three courses and one martini later...

Iron and Wine!

The classic 'I'm trying to be arty' shot.

Paparazzo shot.

The gig was like a crazy jazz recital, there was real life jazz flute! Jazz flute, people! Waaaaooooow. And in case you've yet to be introduced: reader of the Bananatapes, meet Iron and Wine; Iron and Wine, meet the Bananatapes reader:

Why not watch this whilst eating a Milky Bar! Gosh, I haven't eaten a Milky Bar in ages. At Rhianne's 30th birthday party we all dressed up as superheroes and her friend Gabriel dressed up as the Milky Bar kid. It made me really want to eat the Milky Bars until I picked one up and it was all melty from being in his pocket all evening. Nice.

An older, slightly more manic looking Milky Bar Kid.

On that note, peace out campers!

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