Friday, 31 August 2012

A Tribute to Pan's People: Ceremony Style

Inspired by my friend Rhianne Jones (who is currently planning what promises to be the most spectacular wedding in the world, thanks, in part, to the originality of Rock 'N' Roll Bride and its amazing contributors - that blog would give anyone the courage to plan a wedding that truly represents the most beautiful and quirky aspects of a person's character), I decided to put my role of bridesmaid to good use and come up with some looks for the Rock 'N' Roll Bride wedding stylist competition

Styling should be just as much fun as playing dress up when you're little, and when I was little, Pan's People were my fashion heroes. I'd never seen such elegance, vibrance and risque dancing on the TV screen before. I must also say, I was a child of the 80s, so missed Pan's People the first time round, but in the olden days when movies were recorded on video, the timer had been set an hour early and it just so happened to record a documentary about Pan's People. It was on before my favourite movie, Dirty Dancing, and instead of skipping forward to the movie, I would watch the documentary every time. 

I think carrying the spirit of Pan's People into a wedding would empower any woman to embrace the qualities that enchanted Top of the Pops viewers at the end 60s and into the 70s. So here they are, my inspiration!

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I would like to dedicate this blogpost and these ideas to one of the founding members of Pan's People, Louise Clark. Thank you for making my childhood so magical, and for making me feel the way I did when I put a pillowcase over my head and danced around the living room, just like an elegant, graceful dancer in a Pan's People routine. 

I'd like to imagine that my Bride is an honorary Pan's Person. Here she is, in all her floaty, magical and edgy beauty.

And, because behind every Pan's Woman is a Pan's Man, here he is, complete with floral shirt, colour block jacket and trousers and brogues (of course...)

And believe it or not, on a £500 budget I actually managed to kit out the bridesmaid too, Pan's Styleeee...

Grand total: £489.50. That's £10.50 change for a double Mint Julep. Fabulous.

If you get a minute, take a look at some of the Pan's People routines and keep the dream alive.

Peace out,
Alana (Banana)