Thursday, 23 December 2010

Zomp, Explosives and Turning Twenty-Seven

Saturday 11th December 2010: Banana's Birthday Weekend

This had to be the best weekend in Banana's living memory. Mainly because of the extra special guests in residence: the Glynn-Finnegans; Wonder Woman and Angle Man; Tiger Pig; Jade-arooo and Dr Guest-atron. Throw in a game of Zomp, some cocktails and some fireworks and you've got one hell of a party! Here are a few of the highlights...

The very serious academic: Dr Guest.


Adam GF miming, erm, something...(?!?!)

The day began with a trip to Cafe Paradiso for yummy foodies and, as always, it was ruddy delightful. This was followed by a super interesting trip to the Side Gallery to see the current exhibition 'Love Me'. It may sound like an exhibition full of rainbows and tigers cuddling baby koalas but, alas, 'twas not. Here's the blurb:
Over a period of five years Zed Nelson visited seventeen countries across five continents. In Love Me we meet the cosmetic surgeons, the anorexics, the child beauty queens, and bodybuilders, the trainee models, housewives, porn stars, businessmen and soldiers. The compelling images challenge “the narrow palette of beauty... ‘Westernising’ the human body has become a new form of globalisation, and the homogenization of appearance has made ‘Beauty’ into a crude universal brand.” This is the territory of Nelson’s exhibition. 
Duuuuuudes, it was totally fascinating.

But the best was yet to come. We got home, ate a giant La Creuset casserole dish (one of my awesome b'day pressies!) full of chilli (isn't the word 'chilli' weird?! 'Chilly' means cold, like "brrrr, I'm chilly"; but 'chilli' means hot! And just look at the word: chilli. Doesn't it look like a weird word?! Read it over and over again, it'll make your head go funny) and Dr Guest, our resident barman, created all kinds of yummy cocktails:

One of Cameron's many Mojitos!

With cocktails in hand, we enjoyed the firework display from the safety of Banana's bedroom:

Let me tell you, there's nothing like setting huge fireworks off in a tiny garden full of sheds and all kinds of other combustibles. Watching Adam, Tom and Mathew run like the wind away from ignited fireworks was sheer, bottled, hilarity.

We drank some champers, played the best game of Zomp to date and then went to beddy-bies. It was truly supoib! Here is a message, sent by carrier pigeon, to my special Birthday guests:
"I salute you, Special Birthday Guests!"

Over and out.

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  1. I love the blog Banana!

    To satisfy your curiosity on the word 'chilli' I discovered an interesting 'scientific' fact on the web...

    "the name comes from the Spanish word 'chile', which has its own roots respectively in the Nahuatl language (the Aztecs spoke a variant of this). So a chilli was originally called chile in Nahuatl. The Spanish then took this into their own language and the English language borrowed it from them. So the fact it is called a chilli has nothing to do with its temperature at all - it's just the word that was originally used for it in another language." (source:

    I agree that the word 'chilli' is funny, but I'm not sure if it is as funny as the name of the plant that bears the chilli?