Thursday, 14 October 2010


Ah, Autumn. I was sat in a crappy traffic jam the other day when I looked over and saw leaves falling slowly, like blossom, from the trees. They reminded me of those funny helicopter seedling thingies that you used to throw into the air and watch pirouette back down to the ground when you were a kid. Come to think of it, I haven't done that in aaaages! Why do adults to crazy things like have civilized drinks with friends when they could be outside throwing stuff back up at trees that has just fallen down?! You know, like pine cones, or sticks, leaves, mini-helicopter-seedlings (especially two at the same time so you can watch them race!). When you've finished watching gravity do it's job, you can turn little conkers into real soldiers (what is it with me and conkers?!) by threading string through them and bashing them against another kids' conker. The winner should be promoted to Chief Conker!

On a less conker-related note, Autumn makes drinking warm, yummy, lattes in quirky cafes even more satisfying. Especially when there's a cool old dude with long white hair and a salmon pink shirt two tables up from you reading the Guardian and muttering and folding his arms and saying 'humph!' with every turn of the page. I have to say, I LOVE sitting in cafes and listening to people. My awesome salmon-pink-shirted friend made me laugh with his not-so-subtle moral indignation. At this point, I knew if I looked over he would take the opportunity to share his wisdom. I couldn't resist. Hidden within that fleeting moment was, what would become, my favourite quote of the day: "These bloody Liberals (i.e. the Lib Dems...), going back on their promises! All they care about is being in power. They should be ashamed!" 

True dat, bro. True dat. 


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