Sunday, 10 October 2010

Divide and Conker

It's one week following 'Operation Conker' and things are looking good, I have yet to see a stinky spider (please don't let that jinx it, please don't let that jinx it) in the house. If only the same could be said for sleepy world. I've been dreaming about spiders an awful lot; damn and blast! I say dreaming, really it's more like 'nightmare-ing'; clearly, spider-proofing doesn't extend to non-conscious happenings... Hmm, maybe I should have a go at that lucid-dreaming lark and strategically place conkers all over the shop (armed with a hoover, of course).

On the way to the hairdressers I walked through the very same park where my spider-fighting-hero and I found our magical horse chesnuts; ah, memories. Sadly, I didn't see my little spider-proofing-squirrel friend. I did, however, see loads of little kiddies scampering all over the place hunting for conkers. One little girl had the most gargantuan bag full I've ever seeeeeen! What a month for kids, conker fights; Halloween; Bonfire Night! Wow! Maybe I should save a conker or two for an old style conker-dual with the Guest-atron. Then, we shall prepare for Hallows Eve! How I wish I had a doggy just so I could own one of these bad boys.

All in good time, Banana... all in good time...

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