Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Cove

"You're either an activist on an in-activist. I'm an activist": those words echoed through my head as I watched The Cove. This isn't an easy documentary to watch, by any stretch of the imagination. We're talking about the girl who struggles to watch disturbing films because she's generally unable to maintain the believe that it's fiction. Times that by a hundred, and we're somewhere close to understanding how difficult she finds it when she's watching a documentary about suffering. The mechanism that says "it's okay, it's only a film" dissipates and you're left with the sad facts staring in at you from the screen.

It's hard to respond to a film like this without sounding 'over the top'. Perhaps the less said the better. Either way, in the course of watching the film, I found myself in a position where I realised I was sat on the fence with the In-activists. I guess you could say that this is what makes a great documentary, when it brings you to the realisation that you're currently occupying a position that you no longer want. We have to move, change, do.

Short of quitting my job, moving to Japan and facing a lifetime of being arrested I decided there had to be something I could do. This is where you come in: watch the film, sign the petition, donate, write.

Thank you,
Alana Banana

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